About Us

The Equimins brand has been in existence now for nearly thirty two years and became a registered trademark in December 1992.

The company started out in the feed business, producing coarse mixes and pellets for most classes of livestock.

In the early days the trade was centred on the South West of England as Equimins are located in Kingsbridge, a beautiful part of South Devon. The first products in the Equimins range were a standard feed supplement, a Vitamin E supplement for eventing horses and a competition supplement for horses in hard work.

The products were sold initially through the company’s own retail outlet and to trade outlets in the South West, alongside the feeds. In September 1992, the feed side of the business was sold, to allow more time for the continued development of the Equimins range. The company has developed many new products over the years and there are now over a 150 equine products, 19 dog and cat products and the latest addition to the range is six products for poultry.

The number of stockists in the UK continues to grow, making it easier for customers to purchase our products.

Export markets are also still growing , and Equimins products are now sold in 42 countries world wide.

The company also makes several specialised products for overseas markets and some own brand products for the UK.

Equimins products are proudly made in the UK and our recently added new extension to the production plant has allowed us to cope with the increasing level of business.

Although our business is still growing, it remains a family run concern, where excellent specification quality products are of paramount importance. Good friendly customer service, flexibility, excellent products and keen pricing are the key to the success of the Equimins brand.