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Nothing contributes so fundamentally to good health as having the correct and appropriate balance of good quality vitamins and minerals in your horse's diet. That is why we produce a wide range of products. For those looking for maximum performance, Advance Concentrate Complete offers levels of nutrition that are quite simply unique. For those looking for something a little less potent, Pro-Bio is an excellent alternative, combing an excellent range of vits and mins with generous levels of probiotics to help ensure a healthy and efficient gut. Diamond Omega combines vits and mins with ground, micronised linseed, making it an ideal summer supplement for those who want their horses to shine with health. Tip Top is also a good daily supplement, as is Codlivermins, which contains high levels of cod liver oil. Whatever type of horse you have, and however you use it, you can be sure we will have the ideal supplement.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items