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Respiratory problems can be very distressing, and you should always try to identify where the problem is coming from or what is causing it. For example, dusty hay can often be the cause in winter. Years ago, hay was made in the summer and stored in hayricks for a couple of years before it was fed. During this time any spores were cooked and rendered harmless. Nowadays, hay is made in June or July and by October it is being fed so the spores never get killed off. You should always ensure that your horse is stabled where there is a good circulation of air all the time so that stale air with possible dust spore contamination does not build up. Equimins produce Air-Way Herbs in dried herb and liquid tincture form to help overcome this problem and to help the horses airways to stay clear. Another product in the range is Air Power Booster, this is a cough mixture with honey, menthol and eucalyptus to provide real relief for coughs. If there is mucus coming down the nose then this is usually a more acute situation, as there is likely to be some serious congestion in the lungs. This can be greatly helped by using Clear Breather supplement. It contains ingredients to help increase the blood flow to the lungs, making them more efficient at expressing the congestion off. Similarly, this product is also used for bleeders, as they are known in racing, when the blood vessels burst under strenuous exercise. It makes the small blood capillaries more elastic so that when they are under pressure they stretch rather than break. Other products in the Equimins range for respiratory situations include, Garlic Powder, Garlic Granules or Garlic Extract Liquid can all help to keep the airways of your horse much clearer. In stables that are prone to be contaminated with dusty hay, you can dilute Microlat Stable Disinfectant and use it with a fine sprayer to mist the stable air and so kill any pathogenic infection. To help keep the air in stables fresh at all times you should consider using Stable Fresh, a stable floor freshener and odour eater. It is a non-harmful, long lasting powder disinfectant that will help to get rid of ammonia smells from urine.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items