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Making your horse look as good as possible makes you and your horse feel great. We have produced a superb range of products to help you achieve that stunning look. We have several shampoos in the range. For example, we have a medicated one, Microlat Horse Shampoo. This product contains microlat, our own very safe and effective disinfectant to remove any bacteria or fungi from the coat. Next we have Tea Tree Shampoo with its characteristic tea tree smell, which deeply cleanses and leaves the coat pristine clean. We also have Animal Shampoo with that old-fashioned coal tar smell, which can be used for horses, cattle for the show ring and dogs. Blue Shampoo will make greys gleam, Dark Shampoo for deepest lustre and Red Shampoo for chipper chestnuts. Finally we have a wonderfully fragrant Citronella Shampoo, which works particularly well in the summer with our new Citronella Summer Spray. When it comes to grooming, Groomer Ultra Shine adds real shine and lustre to the coat and will help to repel dirt and dust. Detangler Ultra Silky lotion is just superb for getting the tangles out of manes and tails, again adding a lustrous shine. Clean Coat is a natural refreshing body wash, excellent for cooling and the removal of sweat and dirt after exercise. It contains tea tree oil, witch hazel, allantoin for the skin, and a nice fresh spearmint aroma. Lavender Fresh is a nice pure and natural anti-bacterial lavender wash to refresh horses and help to soothe minor cuts and bruising. It provides a very relaxing experience for a horse after strenuous exercise. If after all this washing and grooming your own hands are suffering a little, then we have something for you too! Horsey Hands Lotion is a rich nourishing and moisturising lotion to keep your hands from becoming rough and dry. It hydrates and protects with apricot kernel oil and vitamin E. Finally, don't forget about our Dry Clean Spray, the waterless body cleanser to effectively remove sweat, grass, stable stains, grease and dirt.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items