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Tailoring nutrition at the beginning and end of life is very important. That is why we developed Young Stock Formula. It has been specially formulated to meet the rigorous and complicated demands of a growing foal, giving them the best possible start in life. For older horses, the challenges are somewhat different. They may be slower, usually have some aching joints, perhaps a few teeth missing, so can have problems chewing. As our companions get older it is natural for us to want to do the best we can to give them some real quality of life in their twilight years. We have a number of products to do just that. Joints can very often be a problem, and we have some excellent products in the Flexijoint range. Good overall nutrition for an older horse can mean the difference of several extra years of healthy life if started early enough. That is why we developed Veteran Vits & Mins supplement, with a strong emphasis on the digestion of fibre. We have included high levels of a particular strain of saccharomyces cerivisae yeast to really help with fibre digestion in the hindgut. This is so important when the horse or pony cannot chew its forage as well as it used to. There are also some very generous levels of probiotics and prebiotics to greatly assist conditions in the early part of the gut, and to help repress pathogenic infection. We have paid particular attention to B vitamins as older horses have a greater need for them. Organically bound minerals that are virtually all easily digestible for a horse are also included. This alone can make a huge difference to top line, muscle and coat condition. We have several testimonials to prove how outstanding this supplement is in helping to prolong active life. Other products in our range include Old Horse Liquid. This is a powerful blend of important herbs in a liquid tincture form that is very easily and quickly absorbed into the blood stream. It helps lots of conditions experienced by a veteran horse. It is a powerful tonic that we suggest is given for a period of a month, twice a year. It can safely be kept in the first aid cupboard and it will actually get stronger with age! If there are any signs of liver problems or damage, a short course of Cleanser twice a year will also help keep the liver healthy. If your horse is a particularly poor chewer of fibre, then we would recommend Fibre Digester to be used in conjunction with Veteran Vits & Mins supplement. This is the concentrated version of the special strain of yeast. It will help the digestion of fibre enormously and a 1kg tub will last 100 days.

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David Willey

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items