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Horses and ponies can be shy or nervous about things for a variety of reasons, and it is not always possible to identify them. This means that solving the problem is often a case of trial and error. However, research over the years has shown us that a number of things can help in many cases: For example, we did a lot of investigative work on horses sweat to determine what they lose in body fluids. We found that they mostly lose magnesium. The problem then is to replace this magnesium in a form that a horse can digest properly. Many sources of magnesium such as calcined magnesite, magnesium sulphate and magnesium chloride are fine for cattle that have four stomachs to break it down but a horse has only one! Consequently, Serenity, our main calming supplement, is based on two sources of magnesium that are particularly digestible for a single stomached animal like a horse. This magnesium, we discovered, when combined with other amino acids, B vitamins and some herbs worked very well at calming most horses. We also produce an oral syringe version called Serenity Calm Down Paste, which is designed to be a quicker fix for horses and ponies that are a bit spooky before competing. It can be administered about two hours before, to take that edge off the horse without making it lethargic. Another reason for horses and ponies being nervous is a nervous rider, as the vibes from the rider are transmitted to the horse. For this situation we have two products, Serenity Rider Chill Out Capsules and Serenity Horse & Rider Calming Fluid. Many customers, who prefer a completely herbal answer to the problem of nervous horses, have successfully used our Tranquility Dried Herb Mixture and Tranquility Liquid Tincture to solve the problem. Finally, it is very important to distinguish between a general spookiness and a hormonal nervousness caused by a mares monthly cycle. For hormonal problems Nightmare Liquid, a total blend of important herbs, should be used for the duration of the cycle. Alternatively, Nightmare is a very comprehensive supplement, helping to combat mood swings not only in mares, but in stallions and rigs as well.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items