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It was a vet some years ago who advocated 15mg of biotin per day to keep horses hooves in good order. In our considered opinion, 15mg of Biotin 15 is sufficient to help maintain healthy feet, but is nowhere near enough if the horse has a problem with bad feet. That is why, in addition to standard Biotin 15, which does deliver 15mg per day, we also produce two additional products. For hooves in need of serious repair, we would recommend Hoof Mender 75. It offers much higher levels of biotin than you find in other products, (75mg per day), combined with a very digestible source of zinc. Together, they provide the correct nutrition to encourage good strong keratin growth. It must be stated that hoof nutrition is a long-term process and results cannot be seen quickly. However, if after feeding this product for a full twelve month period, you have not seen any improvement, we are confident enough to offer a full money back warranty. An average horse would receive 60 grams per day, which means that a 3kg tub will last 50 days and a 5kg tub will last 83 days. If the problem is not quite so serious, then Biotin Plus 25 is the best product to opt for. It delivers 25mg of biotin per day, making it a superior spec to ordinary biotin. We have many satisfied customers who have successfully used this product over many years. The hoof is composed of approximately 25% water and to help maintain healthy feet it is important to make sure they do not dry out. Regular moisturising is a very good principle and this can be done with Hoof Moisturising Cream or our brush on lotion, Hoof Moisturising Lotion or Hoof Moisturising Balm. Keeping the feet clean and protected against infection is also another good practice. This can be done with Hoof Disinfectant Spray and Tea Tree Mist Spray.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items