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Produced from essential oils, a disinfectant that can kill dust bearing bacteria

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An extremely safe product produced from essential oils, it is even safe enough to use on an open wound, in the proper diluted form. 

The healing and preventive effects of essential oils have been known from ancient times. They are still used for medical purposes such as inhalation therapy and embrocation. Microlat is fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal so may be used diluted as a body wash for cases of ringworm and other skin conditions. (When using for ringworm, dilution rate is 25 ml in 600 ml).

Microlat may be sprayed, so it can reach all of the air in the stable. Essential oils will be taken in by breathing and absorbed by direct contact with the skin. This will provide additional protection against illness caused by a cold or influenza.

1 litre will make up to 160 litres of ready to use disinfectant.

Packed in 250ml and 1 litre bottles and 5 litre jerrycans.


Equimins Microlat Stable Disinfectant


  • Ethanol B
  • Nipacide (Mono sodium dichlorophen)
  • Empigen Bac 50 (Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride)
  • Aqua
  • Essential oils: Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Citronellol, Geraniol, Cineole.
  • Solubiliser 24/79
  • Aroma

Directions for use:

  • Microlat can be used conventionally diluted in a bucket and brushed or wiped onto surfaces, or sprayed with any kind of fine mist sprayer.
  • Surfaces should always be cleaned first as no disinfectant can work properly in soiled areas.
  • It can be sprayed into the air space of housing or onto prepared chopped straw where of course it will kill dust bearing bacteria.

1 litre will make up to 160 litres of ready to use disinfectant.

Store at 10 - 20 degrees C.


By on  30 March 2020 (Equimins Microlat Stable Disinfectant **) :


I love this product. It has so many uses in the stable. I dilute it into a 2 litre sprayer and spray all my beds to get rid of the ammonia smell, and also disinfect the floor. It makes the stables smell so fresh,a really 'non chemical' freshness. Another thing I've found was that it works on mud fever. We've had such a wet winter a couple of my horses have had mud fever. I now spray the horses legs with diluted Equimins Microlat from the knee down, after having hosed off all the mud and drying with a towel and I've found this works as a fungicide and my horses mud fever has cleared up.
The service of this company is superb. I ordered the product one afternoon and it was with me the next day! 100% recommend both the product and Company.

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By on  16 Dec. 2019 (Equimins Microlat Stable Disinfectant **) :


Been using this for years and even though I have tried cheaper brands I have always gone back to Microlite Stable Disenfectant it smells wonderful and really gets rid of the Amonia smell from horses and dog urine

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By on  04 May 2019 (Equimins Microlat Stable Disinfectant **) :

Amazing disinfectant

I use it to wash my patio down after my dog uses it as a latrine and instantly any dog smell is eliminated and it doesn’t return . I also use it for disinfecting my guinea pig hutches and again it eliminates smell and being broad spectrum I am confident with this product and bring completely safe I 100% recommend it

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