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There are several symptoms of laminitis including: Stiffness, lameness, standing on the heels, reluctance to move, heat in the feet, increased fetlock pulse, laminitic rings, sensitivity to hoof testers and dropped soles. Whilst Laminitis can be a problem at any time of the year, it is most prominent in the spring. This is when temperatures start increasing and the sugars in the young spring grass start to rise. If a horse is known to suffer from laminitis, then good management will determine that it is denied access to fresh young grass, or at least limited to a short time grazing. Overnight grazing is also sometimes useful as the natural sugars in the grass are lower during this period. In any event laminitic horses require a bland diet, and it is good practice to keep them in and restricted to hay only. This gives the owner two challenges. Firstly, a treatment to help relieve the laminitis. Secondly, if the horse is to recover quickly and thrive, their bland diet will need supplementing. Laminator supplement was developed specifically to help with both of these challenges. It contains a bio flavanoid known as Hesperidin, which is commonly used in human preparations as a treatment for blood pressure. It works with the Vitamin C to make the small blood capillaries more elastic so improving blood flow to the laminar corum. We also include a very bio-available and digestible organic source of zinc to help encourage strong keratin growth. Our unique process ensures that the zinc is in a form that the horse can easily absorb. A particular strain of saccharomyces cerivisae yeast is included in Laminator to greatly assist the digestion of fibre in the hindgut. We also include prebiotics to keep the gut healthy. High levels of organic magnesium, manganese and powerful anti-oxidants, including Vitamin E, are added, together with very high levels of biotin (Vitamin H) and four special herbs. They are just part of the 35 vitamins, minerals and trace elements included to ensure maximum nutritional support during this difficult time. Laminator can be given at a maintenance dose to help prevent episodes, or at a higher dose for horses that are exhibiting acute symptoms.

  • Powder available in 1.2kg, 2.4kg and 3kg tubs
  • Pellets available in 3kg tubs
  • 3kg will last 60 days at maintenance
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items