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In wet conditions, bacteria in the mud sets up infection under the skin causing scabs and hair loss. Other names for this are rain scald and greasy heel. This skin infection is caused by Dermatophilus Congolensis, which enters the skin when horses are saturated by prolonged rain, are in poor condition and/or stand for long periods under trees. Hair becomes matted and tufted forming scabs and causing loss of hair over the back, belly and lower limbs, coronet and bulbs of heel. Scabs reveal greyish green pus and raw area when removed. Mud Block Cream has been formulated specifically to help deal with this problem. It contains a powerful microbial agent to disinfect and sanitize as well as castor oil and zinc to help the healing process of the skin. Mud Block Lotion is a new breakthrough in the control of bacteria from mud. We have used silver ions, which are positively charged silver particles. They act as a microbial agent killing 99.9% of germs. This lotion is also much easier to apply and rub in to extensively feathered legs than a cream. Mud Slide Lotion is new to our range. It is a tried and tested preparation of pig oil saturated with sulphur. The oil acts as a very effective barrier, whilst the sulphur is a very effective antimicrobial agent. Of course, as well as treatments to go on the skin, nourishing from within is also vitally important. Mud Block Supplement has been specifically developed to do just that, helping to improve and maintain skin integrity in wet or muddy conditions.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items