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Skin abrasions from barbed wire, cuts from kicks by other horses, skin problems and irritations. Lots of everyday happenings result in some sort of minor cuts and bruises. Here are some things to keep in your first aid cupboard to deal with these problems. For minor cuts, Wound Powder and Purple Spray are both excellent for helping to stop infection and help prevent bleeding. Our Total Care Wound Gel is unique in containing active Silver Ions that are 99.9% effective against gram positive and negative bacteria, helping to keep the wound sterile and hydrated. Arnica & Witch Hazel Gel (with MSM and Allantoin) is a great soothing gel for bruises particularly, but also sprained joints and muscle soreness. It helps to maintain the local blood supply and can accelerate natural recovery. The allantoin content is a protein that speeds up cell renewal and is good for rough and damaged skin, whilst the Witch Hazel is a very useful herb for inflamed and tender skin conditions, such as eczema. Equi-Balm is an easy to apply, no sting formula, multi purpose, water repellent balm. It will help to encourage new hair growth and may be used as a mud block, for sun burn, cuts and grazes, itchy areas, dry skin etc. MSM Cream can also be used to encourage new hair growth on a previous injury and also as protection against mud infection, or any other skin irritation or soreness. Aloe Vera Gel has a long history as a skin lotion and is used for untold different situations. Muscle Embrocation is a great product to invigorate and revitalise the muscles and to soothe minor strains to muscles and tendons.

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