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It's a Revolution in Horse Nutrition!

Following the outstanding success of Advance Concentrate in overseas markets, Equimins are now seeing sales of this product take off here in the UK too. Customers from all parts of the UK are commenting on the amazing transformation of their horses appearance after putting them on Advance for a few months. Now we have renamed it Advance Complete to more accurately describe what it actually does.

Feed as Nature intended

Understanding that horses are essentially a fibre eating animal is the basic philosophy of Advance Complete. In other words, in its wild state, a horse would graze pastures, forage in hedgerows for particular herbs and that would be its daily diet. Why then do so many horse owners insist on giving their horses so much hard feed? Most horses, unless doing lots of strenuous exercise, will manage very well on good quality fodder and then a top up of Advance Complete. Furthermore, their gut will work much better, because it is not a natural eater of cereals, found in many feeds. A 4kg tub will last the average horse around two months.

We recognise that with some horses competing or doing lots of strenuous exercise, some extra energy providing food is necessary. Sugar beet which is a very good source of digestible fibre, is a good choice and the addition of some oil to the diet which will supply non heating energy. (Oil is 2.5 times the calorific value of cereals by the way!)

Advance Complete contains everything else your horse could possibly need in the form of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The minerals in Advance have been bound to an amino acid source which then makes virtually all of the mineral digestible. This difference alone can make a huge improvement to muscle and coat condition as well as topline, and is completely unique to Advance Complete. It also contains a superb array of important probiotics and prebiotics, to greatly help support the immune system. A particular strain of saccharomyces cerivisae yeast is included, which improves digestion of fibre in the hind gut tremendously. Advance comes in either powder or pellet form for ease of use.

The pellets are produced in a cold pelleting system, without the addition of steam, to make sure that none of these important, expensive ingredients are destroyed by heat. Advance Complete was originally produced for export markets as shipping the weight of the standard Advance Feed Balancer was expensive. Advance Complete is five times the strength of the standard product which means that you only give your horse a fifth of the amount.

In other words a 4 kg tub of Advance Complete is the equivalent of a 20 kg bag of Feed Balancer, and much easier to use.

Finally, Equimins offer a full money back warranty with Advance Complete, if customers have not seen an improvement in condition after using it for two months.

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David Willey

Managing Director, Equimins Ltd

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items